I have compiled a collection of notes and material for this course. A 250 page printed version is available at the UH bookstore for a modest free of about $25 (which covers the printing and binding). I will post updated versions and corrections on this web-page periodically. These materials are being developed to assist my students in graduate level Quantum Chemistry, CHEM 6321, at the University of Houston. Interested individuals may browse these pages and share whatever seems useful. Please send comments to the author.

Download the most recent (beta) version (20-Nov-2001):
QC-v5.pdf(1.7MB updated 20-Nov)
This contains some updates to the notes from the book-store + a chapter on classical mechanics. Like everything, it's a work in progress.

Previous Versions and changes.

  1. QC-v4.pdf(1.7MB updated 20-Nov)
  2. 3-Oct. third version: QC-v3.pdf Revision 3 contains various Mathematica notebooks as appendices and added hyper-references to PDF files. This is more of a "Production Version" than Revision 4.
  3. 10-Aug. Second version QC-v2.pdf
  4. 5-Aug-2001 First edition (1.7MB): QC-v1.pdf Does not include additional Mathematica notebook pages.

All original material copyright @ 1997,1999, 2001 Eric R. Bittner and the University of Houston, all rights reserved. Questions, comments: bittner@uh.edu
Last update: 22-Aug-2003